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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Overdue - Chapter 9

I got to the Police station and found to my dismay that the officer on duty was Mindy's Lachlan. Sargent Mitchel as I found out was quite intrested in my story. He took the containers, especially the not so full one. My story was recorded and he told me I'd have to stay at the station.

"You can't leave until the night detective has decided that your free to go." Lachlan explained. "Sorry." He sounded like he meant it but I really didn't want to believe that he was a nice guy. I was allowed to phone a friend and tried to get both Kate and Mephisto, they were elsewhere or with each other. After two hours the Night Detective, Proust arrived.

He'd been dragged in to work late at night and obviously wanted to get back to doing what he was dragged away from.

"Interview with Craig Harper commenceing at 10:45pm. Present are Detective Proust and Sargent Mitchel. So you found the drugs in the library?" began Proust.

"Yes." I answered. "In a book that had its pages cut out so it could hold the containers."

"And when you found the book and the drugs you put them in your bag, then you forgot about them. The drugs were found by friends of yours who consumed them all except for the few that were saved by.... Mephisto?" Proust looked at me as if this was a joke.
"His real name is Brad DeSouza." I said "He calls himself Mephisto, its his art name."

"He really calls himself Mephisto." winced Proust."Ok then you and.." Proust paused again.

"Rat went and found the guy who was looking for the drugs after you found and forgot them. Right?"

"Right. Rat and I went in her car." I began but Proust interupted.

"Her car!" exclaimed Proust "Rat is female? Tell thats just her art name."

"No her real name is Rattus. She had it changed legally from Faith." I replied. Proust's jaw dropped when I said that. But I decided I should continue retelling my story. "So we went to the cafe he works, umm worked at. They gave us is address and we saw his flat. While we were there the lady who lives in the flat opposite Ms.Lola told us about what happened to Cameron."

"Ms.Lola hey." Prousts eyebrows flicked when he said Lola. "What did she tell you?"

I told Proust about what Ms.Lola said and that she asked who we were and why we were looking for Cameron.

"What did you tell her?" asked Proust even more intrested.

"I lied and told her I was looking for Cameron for his parents, that I went to the same church as them. Which was true but they hadn't asked me to look for him. I also called Rat Storm. She accepted that and let us go. Is she involved?" I asked.

"Nothing I can tell you now Mr. Harper. But if you could wait here I'll get back to you. Interview terminated at 11:14pm" And with that Proust and Lachlan left.

They didn't come back until 3am. They asked me if I knew where Rat was. I told them I didn't know.
"The others think you know where she is. Her brother doesn't know much of anything."
complained Proust.

"Mephisto's here?" I asked.

"You sure you don't know were she is. Everyone thinks the two of you are an item. Most girls call their boyfriends, don't they." Proust was angling for some more information. I really didn't want to talk about THAT moment with Rat, again.

"We haven't been an item for years. Then after dealing with Ms.Lola we get back to my place and she jumps me. Well you've talked to everyone so you should know all of this." I left 'that' moment out. "I really don't want to talk about it. After that Rat left in her car. Mephisto said someone called her the next morning. It wasn't me." I folded my arms and attempted to stare manly.

"You sleep with a girl and you don't call her the next day?" Proust was adamant he'd gone all nasty cop on me. "Or do you have a "open relationship" with Rat." Proust even did the qoute hand signal for open realtionship. I hate that. I was tired, I was trying to do the right thing. I held myself. For two seconds.

"Ok nothing happend between us.' I snaped. "Do you really need to know that because of all the stress I was under I couldn't perfom the task required. Do you get that or do I have to choose a suitable double entendre for you to understand what I just said."

"You finished." asked Proust. He had that you can't shock me I'm a cop look. Damn that look, it worked way too well.

"Yes I have. Can I go now? I have to work in a few hours." I asked. I'd worn myself out and now I wanted to go home.

"You'll be home in an hour." replied Proust. And he was right.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Wolverine said...

Wow the night detective needs is extremeley interested in your protaganist love life., he's creey.

At 12:03 AM, Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

He was a little strange.

At 3:29 AM, Blogger Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Yeah... strange...

At 12:11 PM, Blogger corbiscide said...

ok so i didn't get across the fact that he wanted to find where Rat was. I got to work on making that more obvious.

thanks for the tip.


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