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Monday, November 06, 2006

Overdue - Chapter 11

I got to the station and Kate and Mephisto were there. They were siting down and Kate was holding Mephisto. He was shaking and I could hear him sobbing. Kate looked up, her mascara was running. I was numb. I'd never seen them this way before.

Coughlan led me to the viewing room. It was a room next to the mortuary with a window which was covered by a curtian.
"You ready." Coughlan was rather grim. "Mephisto didn't do very well, not many people do. Just breathe clamly and tell me who you see."
And with that the curtains were whisked away. The body was naked except for the face which was covered. I turned to Coughlan.
"You don't want to know. But you've probably guessed. This is when Mephisto lost it." It was a challenge. Be a man its just a dead body. So I took up the challenge, I looked at the body.
"Are those nipples pierced?" I asked.
"Yes. Quite plain really, I've seen better." Coughlan smiled. If this was cop humor it was damn dark.
"Its not Rat." I said it plainly. Coughlan's smile dissapeared.
"You sure." she didn't believe me.
"Of course I'm sure. Over 48 hours ago I was in very close contact with Rat and I can tell you her breasts were not pierced." I was relieved.
"So who is this?" Coughlan was upset she now had a dead body who looked a lot like Rat with her face missing. She was back to square one.
"I don't know." I replied as if it was my fault. It wasn't but maybe I had a way ahead. "I think her name's Storm."

Coughlan was not that happy with trying to find a punk/goth artist named Storm. Personally I thought she was being a bit bitchy. She stormed off out of the veiwing room.
"Someone get me Proust." she screamed. "We gotta find some skank named Storm"

I went out to where Kate and Mephisto were. They'd heard Coughlan screaming. I smiled to them.
"Its not Rat?" asked Kate hopefully.
"Not unless she went and got her nipples pierced recently." I answered.
"Thats great Craig." said Kate and she lifted Mephisto's face up and smiled at him. "You fool its not Rat."
"Its not." Mephisto turned to me. He smiled for a bit and then turned away from me."I couldn't do it."

"Hey its ok Meph'." I reached out to console him but he brushed my hand away.

"I didn't want to see her dead. Some dark lord of death I turned out to be. I'm just Brad DeSouza." And with that he stood up. "I wanna go home."

So we did. We were hungry tired and spent. So we orderd pizza. The pizza was taking a while so Kate and ex-Mephisto Brad decided to have a shower. Of course not long after they got in the shower there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and was greeted by pizza. Happy that the food had turned up I took the boxes and handed over the money.
"Thanks but don't expect no change." I knew that voice. "You know God and I don't agree on much church boy. But we do agree on one thing." Ms. Lola was standing there in front of me at my front door. "I do believe the good book says 'Thou shalt not lie.' And I hate liars. Which means I hate you."


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At 9:51 AM, Blogger captain koma said...

If you didn't work it out this is the begining of the roller coaster to the end. Don't you remember Ms. Lola?

At 8:13 AM, Blogger Professor Xavier said...

Ooh, I love roller coasters!

At 4:37 AM, Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

I remember Ms. Lola, but isn't hse old. I got the impression she was old nad passed teh age of delivering pizza for a living. Dang it.


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