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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Overdue - Chapter 12

"Ms.Lola!" questioned Kate. "The lady in the pink who lived in the flat across from the dead drugie."

"The same one. Delivering the pizzas and an ultimatum." I answered.

Kate and Brad were sitting in the lounge room eating the pizzas, while I told them about Ms. Lola's delivery.

"So if you don't find Rat for them they'll kill you and then start on us, probably." Brad summed up the situation very well. He even included him and Kate in it.

"But we don't know where Rat is. We've checked everywhere she could be." Kate was stumped we had thought of every place she could be.

"Yeah the cops have tried Mum place and Dad's place. I mean as If she'd go to Dad's she hates Kayla." added Brad.

Rat and Brad's parents split up back when we were in High School. Mr DeSouza re-married Kayla a fitness instructor. As trophy wives go she's not that bitchy at all, but Rat loathes her with a passion.

"No she'd never go there." I said.

"No she'd never go there." I repeated to myself.

"Its late your repeating yourself. Maybe we should just sleep on it." advised Kate playing big sister.

"Well she'd go there to see Dad but its not like she'd never go." offered Brad. "There is the beach house though. Now that she hates."

"Did we tell the police about it?" I asked. "Cause if we did they would have checked there."

"No." replied Kate.

"I didn't mention it. Like I said she'd never have gone there, its not even ours. Its owned by uncle Malcom, Mum's brother." after Brad finished we looked at each other.

"So what are we going to do now?" asked Kate silently.

I had a plan. It involved acting like we didn't know where Rat was. Then finding some way to contact the Police tomorrow and getting them to go and resucue Rat. We couldn't do it. Brad and Kate agreed and after a night of restless sleep I went to work the next day.

It was uneventfull till in walked Ms. Lola. I was on the front desk with Mindy.

"Honeydear." she said to Mindy. "Can you help me I need find a book on the psychology of lying?" As she said lying she turned her eyes to me.

Now Mindy and I had been working together for a long time and we had an arrangment. If one of us didn't want to deal with a customer you scratch your nose and the other takes over. Mindy was about to go to lunch with Lachlan so she naturally scratched her nose and turned to me. I scratched my nose too. Mindy glared at me. She'd told me she had arranged to lunch with Lachlan and dealing with such an abstract search like Ms.Lola's would take a while. So she scratched her nose again at me. I scratched right back.

"Excuse me children but is this some kind of sign language? Or is it hayfever season again?" asked Ms.Lola.

I was about to turn and run when.

"Mindy you coming to lunch." Lachlan was at the front door.

"I'm sure Craig here can give you all the assistance you require. I have to go to lunch."Mindy smiled and raced over to Lachlan. The two embraced and left.

"Ain't they a beautiful couple." Ms. Lola actually sounded genuine and then she turned nasty. "I need to give you this." She passed me a Mobile phone. "The number stored on it is mine. Call me when you find out where Rat is." With that she turned and walked out. I put the phone in my pocket and forgot about it, after work I decided I'd make a b-line for the cops. The phone rang.

"Craig honey." It was Ms.Lola. "You better not be going to the police. Oh and yes we are watching you." She hung up and I walked home.



At 3:07 PM, Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said...

Wow...that old biddy.

At 3:45 PM, Blogger corbiscide said...

Hey don't discount the elderly. They have experience on their side.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

Experience and Depends. They can do stake out much longer. no bathroom breaks.


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