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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Overdue - Chapter 13

The next day was Saturday and I had to be at work until noon. The evening before I'd told Kate and Brad not to try and tell the cops where we thought Rat was. If Ms. Lola was watching me then she'd surely have someone watching them. There had to be another way of telling the Cops that we had a lead on where Rat and the book might be.
As I was helping a lady find a book on what she described as "whores at sea" (the book was Sian Reis) I saw Detective Coughlan enter the Library. Great! I thought now was the time, all I had to do was pass a note that Rat was at the beach house and it would all be over. I rushed to the front desk and hastily scribbled down the message.Then I grabbed the most recent book that had been returned, put the note inside it and strode over to where Coughlan was talking to Karl.
"Ah Craig just the man you've been looking for Detective." said Karl. "Don't be too long the 11O'clock rush will be starting any time soon." Karl went and relieved me at the front desk.
"Look there's two reasons why I'm here." Began Coughlan. "One is to appologise for my behaviour at the station two nights ago. I thought we'd make a signifigant breakthrough and then you tell me its not Rat. Which is a great relief to you and all I do is start yelling." She wasn't the type to apologise and it showed.
"Look I understand you were under a lot of presure." I replied. "I was just relived that it wasn't Rat. No harm done."
"And two," continued Coughlan. "You were right about the Jane Doe's name being Storm." She then showed me a picture of Ms.Lola. "Have you seen this woman before."
"No." I lied. I didn't want to go into the station again. I wanted to tell her all about it but the risk was way too great. If I went with her there and then Kate or Brad could get killed. I was afraid I'd get killed too. But I still had time to give her the book with the message in it.
"Look sorry about all of that I think you should take this book it has a great MESSAGE in it." I made sure I emphasised the word Message and handed her the book. She looked at me at first then at the book then at me again.
"Craig you've got to get out more, cause if this is what I think it is your a little too desperate." Then she handed the book back to me and as she walked off I thought I could hear her trying to hold in a laugh. I quickly looked at the books cover. "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy". Oh great! I thought to myself. Now she thinks I'm trying to get all hot and heavy with her. What kind of boyfriend must I look like if I'm trying to shag the Dective whose investigating the dissapearance of my girlfreind.
And I think it was there and then that I realised that I did want to be Rats Boyfriend. Another reason to survive all of this and another reason to find Rat. But I was being watched and I'd just blown a chance to tell Coughlan that Rat might be at the beach house. Then Mindy came in she said she'd left something behind and had come back to pick it up. Chance number two cause I could see that outside the Library was Lachlan. As Mindy was leaving the office I intercepted her.
"Min' can you give this note to Lachlan." I asked. She looked at me funny and smiled.
"Sure, this about Rat missing?" she asked back.
"Yeah its really important that Lachlan gets it." I replied and handed Mindy the note she took it and left. All I had to do was wait and Rat would be back and all of this would be over.


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