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Friday, December 15, 2006

Chapter 14 - Overdue

The 11O'clock rush that day was bad but it was nothing compared to what followed. Karl left first. I told him I'd lock up so he could get to see his son-in-law's Football match. I wanted to wait around for Lachlan to tell me that Rat was safe. I waited half an hour but noone came. So I went to lock up and as I went to leave I saw that the TV was on in the Audio Visual room. Now that often happens people treat the Library eqipment like trash, and sometimes kids try to watch all sorts of stuff their parents wouldn't allow. I quickly opened the door expecting to catch some kids watching porn.
"Ok this ends n...." I was stopped in my tracks by. "Kil!"
"Hi Craig. Now if you do as I say now you'll live and maybe long enough to see Rat again." His tone was cool and calm. His eye's gave a different tone completly, they were cold and mean.

Twenty minutes later I was out of the library walking home. I was sure this plan of Kil's was going to get me hurt one and maybe even dead. Sure enough things went perfectly to plan, by the time I was half way home the phone rang.
"Who's been a bad little boy." It was Ms.Lola. "Craig if you could stop right where you are and hop in the car with me."
"Which car?" I asked. Of course right on time the car pulled up to the curb.
Ms.Lola smiled at me. "Do I have to tell you to get in the car without making a scene? Or do I have to ask Oswald to step out and help you?"
Oswald looked huge in the car and the car was a volvo station wagon. He filled one whole side of the back bench seat. Needless to say I got in the car.
"So that was a poor attempt to send the police a message. Didn't you think we'd be watching you?" The question was entirely rhetorical. She wasn't looking for a response. Yes they'd been watching me but which attempt did they see. My useless flop with Coughlan or my last minute hail mary with Mindy and Lachlan. I didn't want to ask. According to Kil they'd seen me try and get a message out he didn't say which, he didn't even say if he'd seen both. So of course my mind started racing as the car drove out of town. If they saw the attempt to give the message to Coughlan then I was on my way to get killed and my body dumped in a shallow grave somewhere. Now if they saw the pass off to Mindy then either Mindy or Lachlan or both are dead and we are on our way too. It was as that thought was going through my mind when Ms.Lola asked me a question.
"Do you like the beach Craig?" She turned her head from the drivers seat and looked at me with that matronly face of hers. She didn't have to say it but she did anyway. "You've been keeping secrets from us. Naughty boy."
Of course I really went into guilt overdrive after that.
You idiot. You've not only killed Mindy, Lachalan and Rat but you've done it in the most rediculous and stupid manner. Well there was more guilty thoughts than that but they pretty much sum up what I thought till we stopped.

We were in the little beach town, outside Rat's uncles Beach house. Ms. Lola turned around and smiled at me again. "So this is where we find out if your right Craig. Time to play Judas."


At 7:30 AM, Blogger A Army Of (Cl)One said...

What? She is going to make you play Judith? That is just plain wrong to make you dress up like a girl,... unless you're into that.

But what and evil old lady.


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