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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Ride of the Spaghetti Yeti Pt 1

The four children arrive at the Farm.
"Here we are guys at the Farm its gonna be so cool." says boy2
"Farms aren't any fun everywhere you step theres poo." whines girl1
"Yeah! Ain't that cool." boy2.

Number 2's Number2's
Farms are full of number 2's
You don't know whose is whose
Cause Farms are full of number 2's

Oh Number number number 2
There's no shame no none for you
cause we've all done it you know its true
We've all been doing number 2's

"Aw thats gross."says the girls
"Bonjour!" welcomes French farmer. "Welcome to Euro Farms."
"Euro Farms?" questions girl1
"I've heard of Sheep Farms and Cow Farms, but whats a Euro?" asks boy 2
"About a dollar ninety Australian." says boy1

"Oh you mean the countries in Europe like France.?"
"Oui!" confirms French farmer.
"Hang on he said wee."
"Non I said Oui which means yes in French." "But enough of this. We have animals from all over Europe. Ducks from France."
"Le quack, Le quack." - Ducks.
"Awww! They're saying Quack in French." gushes Boy2
"Bulls from Spain." says French farmer.
"Ole Moo! Ole!" - Bull
"Sheep from Germany." introduces French farmer.
"BeeeeeeeeMW, Mercedes Beeeeeeeeenz, Autobaaaaaaaahhhhn." bleet the sheep.

"French farmer, French farmer!" shouts an Italian accent.
"Oui. What is ze problem Italian farmer?" asks the French farmer.
"The Spaghetti Yeti, he is a-coming."screams Italian farmer. "Run, run for you lives."

"Raaaaaaaaaar!" wails the Yeti. It comes through trashing the place. Everyone screams. It finishes very quickly. Suddenly its all quiet.
"Children its all ok the Spaghetti Yeti has gone. You can all come out now." calls French farmer.

"I'm here." Boy 1
"Me too." Girl 1
"Me Three." Boy 3
They look around waiting for Girl2 to reply but there's nothing.

"Where the other girl?" asks French farmer.

"The Spaghetti Yeti took the little girl!" screams Italian farmer.


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