don't fight it corbiscide it

Its the thoughts about nothing that make it really something

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The clause

In the saloon the blogs, and Louie watch as the Stranger reads the fine print.
It reads:
The electronic entity can only be stopped if the blogger can unite his forgotton blogs together to oppose said electronic entity and oust him from power.
When finished he looks up to the once forgotten blogs.
"Are you sure this isn't a joke?" he asks.
"Its no joke. Its our last chance otherwise we will never be read." replies And again.
"Is it worth it Stranger? Are we worth it?" asks 3blogs.
"Of course we're worth it" answers brain.
"What makes you think he's going to stay brain. He left before. He's gonna leave now. Aren't you Stranger?" snaps boxing day.

The 4 blogs and Louie look at the Stranger. He looks away from their stares, walks back to the bar puts down the magnifying glass and the contract.
"Give me a drink Louie, a big one" asks the Stranger.
Boxing Day throws his hands up in the air.
"Oh great now he's going to get plastered and wallow in a drunk haze until Bart shows us to electronic anhilation."
The Stranger collects his drink from Louie, and turns to the blogs.
"Is box always like that? I didn't imagine him to act that way"
"Well we've all developed differently. And box isn't always like that." replies And again.
The Stranger smiles, takes a sip of the drink.
"Its going to be intresting getting know you all again."
"So your staying now." asks And Again.
"Yes And Again I am, theres only one thing." answers the Stranger
"Whats that?" asks Brain.
"Why is the blog set in a western?"

End of Chapter 3

Monday, March 13, 2006

Black Bart

While the blogs upstairs watch, the conversation between the stranger and Black Bart continues.
"Your what?" asks the stranger
"You heard me blog boy." snaps bart back.
"Your going to run me out of my own blog."
"Thats exactly right." answers bart.
"Really, how are you going to do this?"
"Did you read the fine print in the agreement you made with blogger?" asks Bart smiling a thin and wicked smile.
"What fine print?"
Bart doesn't answer he finishes his drink, and goes to leave. As he gets to the saloon doors he stops.
"It always pays to read the fine print blog boy." Bart chuckles to himself as he leaves the bar.

The stranger turns to Louie the Barman. Louie hands him a piece of paper and a magnifying glass.
"Its under the second last paragraph." says Louie.
The stranger looks at the document, straining his eyes.
"Where Louie?"
"Under the second last paragraph."
"All thats under the scond last paragraph is a smudge." replies The Stranger.
"Thats it." answers Louie.
The Stranger holds the magnifying glass over the smudge. Out loud he reads.
"If the blogger does not update his/her site every month then the site becomes open for any electronic entities to take ownership of said blog."
The Stranger puts down the document and the magnifying glass.
"Well I'll be seeing you Louie."
"I'd say don't be a stranger but, you are one." says Louie.

The Stanger gets to his feet disapointed. He turns to go.
"Aren't you going to read the rest of the small print Stranger."
Behind him 3blogs, boxing day, and again and brain not work are coming down the stairs.
"There's more?" asks the stranger.
"Of course there's more." replies boxing day. "This ain't no three part mini-series its a serial."

End of Chapter 2