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Monday, July 24, 2006

The end of Black Bart. True!

Epic Tad Dat Mat and Musical watch as Blue speeds off to catch Bart and save the Stranger.

"Ohhhh! We wanted to go with Blue Mister Epic" complains Dat.
"Isa better thing to staya here. We can't help end this problem. I'm an old man youse are kids and Musical couldn't hurt a fly couldja" explains Epic.

"Well you are right there Epic, but I'm sure we could do something." Musical looks at the white figure glowing in front of them. "Epic this thing said it was the solution, didn't you say that thing." says Musical with point at the white figure.

"Fool, yous shouldn't fool wit stuff the blogger sends. We could be makin more trouble fer us." accuses Epic.

"You startched old crone." snaps Musical. "If wanting to save the blog is foolish thenI'm a fool." Musical turns to the figure. "Thing" he announces with the most authority he can."Do you have a name? Its just so wrong not refering to something without a name.."

The figure turns its head to Musical.
"I am called Biz-Mar." replies Biz-Mar.

Musical smirks with pride at the response and struts closer to Biz-Mar.
"Well then Biz-Mar." begins Musical. "You told 3blogs you were sent to be the solution to our current dilema, are you?"

"Yes I am." responds Biz-Mar.

"Can you save the blog, the Stranger, and get rid of Balck Bart." asks Mat

"Shh young un' you don'ts know what you're messin' wit" scolds Epic.

"No. Mat is right. Biz-Mar can you do all of this?" asks Musical again.

"Afermitave. I can do all of this." replies Biz-Mar.

"Then please being our great white hope Biz-mar. With all due haste save us." commands Musical.

Biz-Mars eye's light up his body crackles with energy. And then Biz-Mar, Epic and Musical are gone.

"Ok what happened." exclaims Dat.
"I don't know but that was soooo cool!" says Mat.
"Yeah!" affirms Dat. "That was totaly Airwolf!"

"So where did they go?" asks Dat.
"I don't know but I reckon they're going to end up in town. Lets go." Mat turns and runs to town. The others follow.

Inside Blue the blogs talk turkey.
"Ok we'll head off Bart in town. Than what?" asks AndAgain.
"Well we just tell him to hand the stranger over." says Who put.
"Oh right." snaps Box sacrastically. "That'll work. Hey I think we need something more solid. Than politeness. You know like guns and violence."
"For once I don't agree with you Who put. But we don't have any guns." replies And again. "3blogs do you have anything?"

"Sorry I've got nothing And again. But I think we'll have to do something cause. Here comes Bart." answers 3blogs. As Bart on his horse with the Stranger races down the street and Blue race towards Bart.

"Brake Blue." advises 3blogs. "Blue BREAK!" screams 3blogs. But Blue continues onward.

On Barts Horse Bart doesn't stop.
"Playing chicken with my car eh Bart." says the Stranger.
"I always win Stranger. I always win." cockily replies Bart.

"Ahhhhhhh!" screams the blogs inside Blue.

"Beeep Beeep vrooomm!" exclaims Blue. Who begins a hand break trun. Spinning around wildly.

"What the-" exclaims Bart. He pulls his horse off to the side of the road. Stopping suddenly the horse bucks throwing Bart and the Stranger off.

Blues spinning stops and he gains control. Comming to a stop and the opening his doors for the blogs to leave. They leap out as fast as they can.

"I am never going with you again Blue." says 3blogs.

The four quickly come to the aid of the Stranger.

"Hey Box, And again Who Put you were in Blue? Wow"! exclaims the Stranger. Getting up on one arm.

"Well it looks like he's ok." says And again.

"Barts out though. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy." says Box.

"So does this mean we've won?" asks the Stranger.

-click- they turn to see Bart on the ground with his gun pointed at them.

"I wuz just playin' possum Box." smirks Bart. He get up and strides towards the Stranger and the Blogs. He stops short and aims at the Stranger.
"Now to end this once and fer all." chuckles Bart.

-bang-bang- Bart truns and fires in response. -bang bang- the bullets hit with a thud into Blues side door.

'Beep beep' taunts Blue. Who backfired to distract Bart.

"Thats it I'm gonna kill you now Stranger.." starts Bart. But the Stranger and the Blogs have run into the Saloon.

"Oh your just makin' me more angry." growls the Stranger and he enters into the Saloon.
"What is this." scowls Bart surprised.

In front of him are all the blogs and the Stranger in fornt. There also was that white statue they were all looking at. Bart points his gun at them. They didn't cower or scream, in fact some laughed at him. The Stranger steps forward and gives Bart a piece of paper.

"Read the fine print Bart. Its over." tells the Stranger.

"Wha, how did ya. Its not possible. Its not possible." repeats Bart.

"You'd think so wouldn't ya Bart. But we're all here against you, with the Stranger and we want you out. Now." orders Box.

"No!" coolly Bart draws his gun and fires. Instantly in fromt of Bart Biz-Mar is there, between his thumb and index finger is the still smoking bullet. Bart turns and runs from Biz-Mar. He gets through the saloon doors and trips and falls.

"Gotcha Bart." shouts Tad.
"Yeah! we got 'im." choruses Mat and Dat. On either side of the saloon door are Mat and Tad holding a rope, which tripped up the rushing Bart.

Biz-Mar the Stranger and the blogs all come out of the Saloon and surround Bart. Biz-Mar strips Bart of his gun and his Sheriffs badge. Picks up Bart puts him on his horse. Slaps the horse on the rumps and it and Bart race off out of town.

"Yay!" everyone shouts.

"I have been told these are yours Sheriff." Biz-Mar hands the badge and the gun to the Stranger.

"From me. Umm the blogger.?" asks the Stranger.

"Yes. You are the Sheriff" replies Biz-Mar. "I am leaving now. I will return when I am needed."

And with that Biz-Mar lauches into the air and disapears into the sky.

"Well Sheriff. What do we do now?" asks Box.

"I'd say we party Box. What do you all think of that." answers the Sheriif.

Yay! - shouts the Blogs.

ENd of the story.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Play - final version

I worked on it on paper.

Just couldn't get it right on the screen.

So here it is - Risk the play

Scene - Mother preparing dinner. She leaves the sink and starts setting the plates on the table.

Mum - Where are they?

-- Car pulls up in the driveway. ---

Dad and son enter through the kitchen door.

Son is cradling his hand. Its been bandaged it has an ice pack on it.

Son - Hi Mum!

Mum - David what happened this time.

Dad - He was jst trying to catch the ball it hit his hand awkwardly .

David (son) - No breaks Mum. Just alot of swelling. (Pauses and realises that Mum wants to talk to Dad))

David - I'll go put my stuff away then...

(Son walks out)

Dad - Calm down. There's been no bone breakage.

(Mum turns away from Dad)

(Dad goes to comfort Mum. She pulls away initally, then gives in to his embrace)

Mum - David's always been so fragile to me. Seeing him hurt himself all the time.

Dad - (softly) Its his choice.

Mum - I don't want it to be his choice.(She pulls out of Dad's embrace) Who knows what'll happen next.

David - (entering slowly into the Kitchen) Its my body Mum. I think its my choice.

Mum - But its such a risk. You don't know what can happen, the doctors said...

David - (interupting) Its my risk to take Mum, because I don't know. Where's the dignity in hiding Mum. At least this way I can find out just where I am. I need this for me.

(Dad moves to Mum)

Dad - Its not like he's base jumping.

Mum - (pleading) Promise me you wont go base jumping?

David - I can't. (Smiles) But I don't think I will.

Mum - (hands to her face) I can't stop you. Can I.

David - No.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ten minute play - first draft

Ok what do I want to talk about ?


Me thats way to selfish. But there is alot of good stuff there. NO! I'll try not to use it.

stage - empty blank anything could be on the stage. Ok maybe a piano.

Guy1 Walks onto the stage sits at the piano. presses a key. plays around with a few keys. then turns to the audience.

Guy1 - Ok so I can't play the piano.

Guy1 Stands up, Walks up to the edge of the stage.

Guy1 - What are you all watching for.

Guy2 walks onto the stage.

Guy2 - they're here to watch ME!

G1 (instead of Guy I'll use G) - YOU they're here to watch you?

G2 - Of course they are

G1 - Some plot line. I walk out tinkle the ivories, insult the audience and you come out and do your FIGJAM act.

G2 - Oh dear someone got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Guy3 - Hey you nuts gunna do something.

G1 - Like what?

G2 - I don't know Sing

G3 - sounds like a good idea to me!

(the three sing)

G1, 2, and 3 - Got myself a crying talking sleeping walking living Doll. Got to do my best to please her just cause she's a living doll. Got a roving eye and that is why she satisfies my soul. Got the one and only walking talking Living doll.

G1,2,3 gesture towards the side as Girl walks out.

G1 - Take a look at her hair, its real if you don't believe what I say just feel.

Girl - thats it Stop, Stop right there.

G3 - What. We're supposed to do the song, you walk around andshake your bum and walk off.

Girl - Well I'm not doing it. Its objectification.

G1 - Oh great. Why didn't we choose the air head. We could have chosen the dumb blonde, but no we had to choose the red head.

Girl - Not all blondes are dumb.

G3 - Name one

G2 - Robert Redford.

Girl - I think he ment a female.

G2 - Well I think thats homo-phobic.

No this doesn't work I'm gonna try again another time.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What is it?

The large statue stands in the plain. It glows white with power.

Epic, The Stranger, Brain, Tad, Dat, and Mat arrive to see 3blogs and Blue transfixed watching the statue.

"Whoa thats bright Tad" exclaims Mat.
"Yeah" agrees Dat.

"It spoke for a while" utters 3blogs.

"It spoke. What did it say?" asks The Stanger.

"It said, I am the gift, I am the solution." replies 3blogs.

"The solution to what?" asks Brain.

"I thinks that Its somethin' that we should just leave alone." lisps Epic.

"Leave it alone." repeats 3blogs. "Leave it alone." shouts 3blogs indignantly at the old man.

"This colud be the way to beat Black Bart. If we find a way to use it we could get rid of him and save the blog." states 3blogs. "Just like if we did something when he first came here instead of sitting down and letting him takeover maybe we wouldn't be here." accuses 3blogs to Epic.

By this time Boxing Day, And again, Who put the christ in christmas, and My missing musical years. Have turned up.

"Berating the old man will not fix anything 3blogs." says Who put in his calm and comforting tones.
"Yeah." agrees Boxing day.

Everyone looks at Boxing Day.

"What I can't agree with him once and a while" responds Boxing day.

"It is certianly glowing with potential." floridly describes Musical.

'Beep beep' announces Blue.

They turn to the stranger for a translation but he's not there.

'Beep beep beep' protests Blue.

"Hey where did he go?" asks Tad.

They all look around. Blue starts roaming around the area. In the distance there is a cloud of dust and a distant 'neigh'.

'Beep beep beep' trumpets Blue.

"There he is." happily confirms Brain. "On a horse with.." he stops.

"Black Bart" spits Boxing Day.

'Vroom vroom' courageously revs Blue opening all his doors inviting others to join in.

3blogs, Box, And again, Brain, and Who put jump in the car. Tad Dat and Mat rush to join in but Epic and Musical hold them back.

"No, we are not putting you children in any more danger." trills Musical.

"Yeah. Ya need ta stay here." agrees Epic.

"Awwwwww!" whine Tad Dat and Mat as Blue roars off across the plain after Black Bart.

wow! even I didn't think this post would get so exciting

"He's headed into town."says Boxing Day.

"I reckon if we take a short cut we can head him off at the other end of town." puts forward And Again.

'Beep beep, vrooom' agress Blue who races off in the other direction.

"Is it always this fast?" asks Who put.

"No sometimes he thinks he can fly" says 3blogs.

End of Chapter 11.

Next Chapter - The showdown.