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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For those who forget - Number2

So you don't get confused here is the list of characters who have appeared in the western serial which has no name. A name would be good all ideas will be accepted.

Some of the characters in the serial have funny names. Like Boxing day and Who put the Christ in Christmas. These characters are past blogs. They have to be brought together by The Stranger. Who sort of is and isn't me. But the following should explain more. Maybe I should have an introducing explaination at the start of every episode?

The Stranger - a slighlty better looking version of me, also a better thinker, speaker and drinker.

Louie - the bartender thats about all I've worked out about him. Except that he likes radiohead on his pianola.

Black Bart - tall unshaven arrogant man in black. The electronic entity attempting to take over this blog

And again I continue with the blog about nothing - (A blog)usually called And again. Caring, thoughtful, straightforward.

Blog Blog Blog - (A blog) called 3blogs. Intelligent, calm. Level-headed. A plan person.

Brain wont work - (A blog) called Brain. Has a brain but is not overly intelligent. Honest, trusting loyal.

Boxing day - (A blog) called Box. Sarcastic, caustic, loud, pessimistic.

Tad, Dat and Mat - Oval headed kids. Their mothers are part of the Mad Mothers.

Mad Mothers - the Mothers who drive large 4-wheel drives in a great big convoy to pick their children up from school. They don't like 3blogs, And again, Boxing Day and Brain wont work.

Who put the Christ in Christmas - (A blog) called Who put. The town priest and the older brother of Boxing Day

My missing musical years - (A blog) called Musical. The music teacher to the oval headed kids.

Entymological musings - (A blog) called Enty. The school teacher of the oval headed children.

The Epic Tale begins here - (A blog) called Epic or Old man Epic. The first blog and posibly knows everything.

Blue - The Strangers over ambitious rusty blue stead.

Well that's all of the characters who have appeared so far.

There is the 5 posts and that is hard to explain but it does show where I'm comming from. Sort of.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Splash!

Of course Blue was not the General Lee, he wasn't even Daisy's Jeep. And even here on this blog Newtons Rule is Law.
Sometime later on the other side of the river in the shallows the water stirs. Slowly out of the water Blue emerges from the river. Rolling up the shallow bank Blue stops. The doors open and water pours out from inside Blue. Following the water out steps 3blogs.
'Beep beep' says Blue.
"I don't know what your saying Blue." answers 3blogs. "But it seems I was the only one to put on a seatbelt."
Blue starts to shake like a dog and the water sprays everywhere. 3blogs already wet doesn't bother to evade the sudden shower.
'Beeeeep Vrooom Vrooom' said Blue.
"I suppose you want to go and start looking for the Stranger and Brain?" guesses 3blogs.
'Beep beep' agrees Blue.
"Ok we should go looking for them.." starts 3blogs who is interupted by Blue opening the Drivers side door.
'Beeep beeep Vroom vroom VROOM' encourages Blue.
"I'd guess thats lets go now 3blogs." interprets 3blogs as he gets into the drivers seat. The door slams quickly on him and Blue is up and away wheels spinning in the river bank.
'Oh dear why did I get out of bed this morning?'Thinks 3blogs.

Further down the river the Stranger wakes. He opens his eyes and he's on the floor of a shack. There's a blanket on him and as he goes to get up he realises he's naked. Quickly wrapping the blanket around him, the Stranger gets up. Theres a single door to the shack as he goes to open it. It opens hitting him in the face, he falls backwards.
"Oh sorry." says Brain. "I was just comming in to check on you."
"No problem Brain" replies the Stranger getting up again.
"Oh yeah your clothes they should be dry by now." remembers Brain and he rushes off closing the door behind him.
'Now should I just wait here making sure I don't get hit buy the door again. Nah I'll wait here.' thinks the Stranger to himself.
Suddenly the door opens.
"Here's your clothes." says Brain as he throws the clothes at the Stanger."Come out when your ready the old man Epic wants to see you."
After getting dressed the Stranger opens ths door and steps out onto the shacks verandah. Over by the front door is a man in a rocking chair, smoking a lit cheroot with his feet up on a small stool. He looks up at the Stranger.
"So your the Stranger the oval headed kids been talkin' 'bout?"
"Yes" replies the Stranger.
In the background a few screams and shouts, get the Stangers attention.
"Your it Brain." says one voice.
"Then your it now Tad." replies Brain touching Tad on the head.
"Uh-uh. Don't you know anything Brain you can't make it anyone who made you it. I'm un-itable." snaps Tad.
Brain nods and turns toward the other boys. "I'm gonna get you Mat and Dat" roars Brain.
More screams and shouts eurpt as the Brain chases the oval headed boys around the shack.
"The boys founds ya" Says Epic. "They're playin hookey from choir practice. Found the two of ya on the river bank. Say they heard the splash and came out see what it was. They came and got me."
"Ok that explains almost everything I wanted to know." says the Stranger.
"Ya want ta know more Stranger" asks Epic.
"I want know everything. All of it" answers the Stranger.
"Well that gonna take some time." replies Epic.

End of Chapter 8

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Long Way 'round

With his headlights on full Blue streaks across the barren feilds that surround the town. Inside the mighty blue stead, 3blogs directs the Stranger on how to get to his place.
"They should be at our place by now Stranger." Directs 3blogs. "But you'll have to avoid the Church."
"Cool there's not much out here to avoid 3blogs so I think we can get around quite easily." replies the Stranger.
"Well not in a straight line we wont." comments Brain not work.
"What?" asks the Stranger.
"Brain is right. Your going to have to go around the river." answers 3blogs.
"We could use the bridge!" interjects Brain
(not that Brain would know he was interjecting or what interjecting means. I just was looking for another adjective and interject came out)
"It would be shorter but then we'd have to deal with the old man" answers 3blogs.
"River? old man? bridge?" asks the Stranger.
"Pardon" replies 3blogs.
"Where's the river, where's the bridge and who's the old man." clarifies the Stranger.
'Beep beep' answers Blue
"Oh no, not that Blue" responds the Stranger
"What did Blue say" asks Brain.
"Oh nothing much" replies the Stranger. "Just that the river is comming up and he reckons that he can jump it."
"I don't think thats a good idea" says Brain
"Your not the only one Brain." agrees the Stranger "Blue we don't know how big the river is,or even if its got water in it. So how about we try the bridge, who knows the old man there might be ok." begs the Stranger to his obstinate car.
'Beep Beep Vroom Vroom' answers Blue. And he races towards the river.
"Oh great really great Blue." says the Stranger
"What did he say" asks Brain
"I think we should just buckle up and hange on Brain" Grimly replies 3blogs

As the rusty blue stead reaches the bank of the river the occupants start to scream fearing that the Blue's overconfidence has cost them their lives, or at least the cleanliness of their underwear. The bank itself is most unusual as it curves upwardsto meet the river. Thus creating a ramp, which launches Blue into the air.

As Blue flies over the river he eurpts into song.
'Bah da dada da dadada dahh dahh dahh da'
"Great he thinks he's the General Lee now" groans the Stranger.
"Like from Dukes of Hazzard. Hey what does that make me?" asks Brain.

However Brains question is never answerd as Blue's trajectory begins to obey Newtons law and starts to descend. Again the screaming continues, till the journey ends with a.....

End of Chapter 7 (sorry about leaving you hanging)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chapter 6: The 5 Posts

Outside of town the Stranger 3blogs Brian and Blue watch the Mad Mothers depart the school.
"Well thats that." says the Stranger. "Lets get in Blue and go find AndAgain and Box."
"Ok but lets go around the long way" says 3blogs.
"The mothers are taking the kids home now. Its OK isn't it?" asks the Stranger
"No not on day four." replies Brain not work.
"uh day 4. Please explain?" asks the Stranger again.
"Well seeing we have time now I can give you a full answer." States 3blogs who continues."Much like the world you come from we have days in a set 'week'. The blog week lasts 8 days. The days aren't named because that would alienate some cultures and its much easier to spell and pronounce day4 than wednesday."
"Yeah that makes sense, but why 8 days? What the!" exclaims the Stranger as the ground around them starts to shake.
"Oh no a blog quake. Just stay where you are and you wont be hurt." warns 3blogs.
"A blog quake?" the Stranger shouts, but the noise of the blog quake overwhelms his question.
The rumbling and shaking continues around the 4. And then urupting from the ground around them 5 giant posts start climbing toward the sky.
The posts continue to climb until they are as high as a 3 storey bulding. When the nosie subsides the 5 posts are surrounding the 4. The Posts are at least 5 meters wide, and each post is 10 meters apart forming a perfect hexagon.
"This happen often 3blogs?" asks the Stranger.
"Most weeks Stranger. Just not to this level at least not for a long while" answers 3blogs.
Walking up to the closest post the Stranger sees writing on it.
"Galaxy" annouces the Stranger. "Its called Galaxy what are they and why are they named Galaxy"
"No that ones named Galaxy, this one's named Space Ghost." corrects 3blogs.
"Who's Black Canary," asks Brain. "Its got a picture, is it her?"
The Stanger goes to the post 'Black Canary' that Brain is oggling.
"Yeah thats her" he answers.
"She's sexy" replies Brian.
"How does this happen 3blogs?" asks The Stranger.
"Well someone has been blogging and this is the result here. Like I said before this town and everything around it is a mirror of the corbiscideit blog." answers 3blogs.
"But I'm in here so this has to be Black Bart blogging." states the Stranger.
"Unless.." adds 3blogs.
"Unless somone else has hacked the password and done their own entries. Its that pesky Martian Manhunter who's doing all of this." concludes the Stranger.
"No its you. Or more precisely the real you outside in the real world." corrects 3blogs.
"Excuse me. I'm the real person. I'm Corbiscide" the Stranger nervously corrects 3blogs fearing the worst that he really is just a figment of another persons imagination and not what he thinks he is.
"Did you read that Stranger?" asks 3blogs
"Read what?" snaps the Stranger back as the realisation of what he is, is trying to break through.
"Read what the writer is writing. He still calls you the Stranger when you believe your Corbiscide. You must have known this all along, didn't you Stranger?" asks 3blogs.
The Stranger stands silent by the post named Black Canary.
"I don't remember blogging about Black Canary. In fact I was never going to comment on comics at all." remembers the Stranger."All I remember was arriving here in Blue."
"Didn't you think it strange that your all of the sudden in the blog?" asks Brain.
"I didn't think at all, in fact now that you mention it, yeah that was a bit weird." replies the Stranger.
Silence permeates the hexagon of posts. The wind blows and a tumble weed rolls by.
"So what do we do now?" asks Brain.
'Beep beep Vroooomm Beep beep beep' replies Blue.
"Your right Blue. Hang it all. If I think its real its real." answers the Stranger."Lets go get And again and box. Hop in guys."
The two blogs obey but as they get into Blue Brain asks 3blogs.
"Do you think we should ask him how he can understand Blue and we can't?"
"Thats probably better left for later Brain." answers 3blogs as the Blue stead revs its engine and takes off.

End Chapter 6 (I think)