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Its the thoughts about nothing that make it really something

Thursday, December 22, 2005

boxing day

Here in OZ we have a holiday the day after x-mas, its funily enough called BOXING DAY.

What happens on boxing day?

A. organised fighting as a result to quell the x-mas brawls between family members
B. the only day in the OZ callender when you can pick any politian or celebritiy to fight without leagal consequences
C. the day when the sanitation engineers come to pick up all the rubbish from x-mas
D. when the new x-mas holiday movies start at the cinemas

Well apart from the qeue lining up to pick on Russel 'Rusty' Crowe the answer is actually C and D.

I'm going to see Narnia (hope Aslan isn't crap CGI).

But what also happens on Boxing Day is the Australian Cricket equivelant of the Super-Bowl. The Boxing Day Test Match. So called because it starts on boxing day. Every boxing day louts and yobbos gather to drink and whatch the first day of a five day cricket match.

Yes FIVE days of cricket. Thats why its called a test match. Its a test of your strength stamina and if you don't love cricket boredom.

So I'll be whatching Narnia and waiting to see wether the South-Africans can take the game to 5 days again.

Corbiscide out.

Monday, December 19, 2005

who put the christ in christmas

You'd all have known the normal and regular complaints from militant christians about the overcomercialisation of the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth. I'm even sure that you all know that there is no way that Jesus was born in december, and that the day was chosen by the Emperor Constantine because it fell on the same day as a pagan holy day. Even if you don't I'm sure you all have at leat once thought that Santa Claus and Saint Nicholoas are not the same person. They aren't. Saint Nick is real and did exist way long ago (google Saint Nicholas if you want to), Santa Claus was made up by Coca-Cola to sell more Coke during the winter low period (i think?). So know you know all the fake stuff about X-mas.

What I do around this time of year is watch all of you jokers running around trying not to buy underwear for uncle Bob again. I DON'T DO X-MAS ANY MORE. Of course you'll say that when and if I have kids then I'll start again. Well thats for then and not now, but right now I don't. And its is so easy this time of year. You buy the cheap stuff around that you need cause its all so cheap. Your not "running around like a choock with its head cut off" theres no pressure at all.

I advise all of you who are against the comercial hype and the selfishness that has been brought into the celebration of Christ's birth (even if you don't beleive, but especially if you do) please stop buying presents. Don't buy lights and special stuff for your house. If you must put something outside your house make it a cross (non-burnt) or the nativity. Spend you x-mas money on the poor, the needy, the homeless, the orphans and those who you think need something. Sing carrols, play Mel Gibsons gift to the world The Passion. Cause thats what He was born to do. He died so we might live, so we should die to our greed and selfichness of this period.

Celebrate THE CHRIST of CHIRSTmas. Not just now but everyday.

Corbiscide out.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Brain work not!

Ever had one of those days when after a big night looking at the computer screen and trying to learn new things, well your stuffed. If you haven't you have never done a part-time course while still working in a different discipline.

I'm stuffed I couldn't navigate my way out of those Pizza Hut mazes on the kids menu. They haven't had a kids menu at Pizza Hut for twenty years. Shit I'm old. I remember when Australia still had paper money. I remember when the two dollar and one dollar coin came into circulation, David McBeth was collecting them like gold nuggets.

Australia not using paper money you wonder. Well sometime around the 1990's Australia decided to change from paper money to a more secure and harder to copy plastic notes. But they can take static electricity so they stick together, they also come in gaudy colours. Have a look.

10 dollar notes are blueish and I don't know if it has a knickname
20 dollar notes are Orange and have no knickname I know of
50 dollar notes are Yello and called pineapples
100 dollar notes are green and called iguanas

Funny huh! Any forger in his/her right mind would copy these notes on aesthetic grounds. "I can't do this they're just so wrong."

Oh well thats what you get living in the land of OZ.
Christmas means BBQ's and the beach, boxing day means cricket at the MCG and Football is spoken four different codes.

Corbiscide Out

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My missing musical years

Recently I went and borrowed a book out of the library. It was called 1001 albums you must hear before you die.

Now I've heard most of the albums in this prestigious list but an intresting thing struck me as I flicked though this tome. Tome indeed 949 pages of albums from the 1950 to 2005. And to add the required comment "All killer no filler".

But getting back to what struck me. As I got through the pages I recognised the albums from my childhood, and my parents albums that they played for me. Yet after 1986 (more precisley after page 552 Bon Jovi's Slipery When Wet) there were all these albums I'd never heard of. This black hole of musical knoweledge continued there on until we get to page 656 with Nirvana's Nevermind from 1991.

These years corespond to the five years when my family went gypsy for a while. We traveled from Perth W.A. to Darwin in the Northern Territory. We ended up in Melbourne Victoria of all places, where by then Nirvana were rocking the world with Smells like teen spirit. Mind you the 80's were a hard time to find good misic on the radio in Australia. Triple J only existed in the eastern states of Australia, and the bands mentioned that I'd be intrested in now are not the bands or the music I was into back then.

I'm wondering how many other poeple have a tale of holes as well.

Corbiscide out.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Blog is therapy?

The question is a valid one. Is this a cathartic release that enables us to go through the rest of our week or day (depending on how often we blog). Does it lighten the burden on ourselves by telling others about our problems and passions?

I'd have to agree.

I've spent the last six years working on a project that has provided very little money in return for all the sweat and brain cells I used up in making it. At the moment it still isn't finished and I'm seriously thinking of leaving it. Yet its been six years and a part of me finds it hard to drop it.

I am a tenacious (read bloody minded) person and I'll strive to get certian things finished, but I have my limits. I think I found it this year. I used to spend every waking hour thinking about it. Trying to find solutions to problems, hitting dead-ends, finally getting success. It was a great struggle, yet a person can only struggle for so long and then you've got nothing left to give. You intrest and passion turns to apathy and growing resentment. I am dry, wrung out of ideas and I have no intrest in continuing.

Yet I know I'll get to it today and wednesday and maybe thrusday. Mabe I'll have a win and I'll get into it a bit harder. Is it a viscious cricle of gambling proprotions. Am I addicted to the succes of doing something noone else has even thought of doing.

Well that does make me a bit lighter but it hasn't really helped.

Maybe this doesn't work.

Corbiscide Out.

Monday, December 05, 2005

And again I continue with the blog about nothing.

Well as the sub-title says nothing makes this blog something. But then again if it were about nothing then I would just be writing nothing or maybe something that is nothing.

If this entire blog entry was "I am a fish" 700 times then two things would be accomplished. This entry would be something about nothing and I would have all the Red Dwarf fans either happy at the parody or I'd get sued for copying someone else's idea. I don't think I'd get sued but I might get flamed. Hey at least I'd get a comment.

I sit here listening to the radio (triple j) typing this regurgitation wondering about someone else every now and again. Do we all get that, you know the days going by at a million miles a second then a moment hits and we remember a friend or someone who we care for. The world slows down, things become clear. Memories float in and out. Some are bad some are good but they're your memories and because of that they're good. We remember thoughts and feelings (good and bad), yet is it the memories that slow it all down?

I remember smells, two smells I remember really well. One is my grandmothers Dutch Cake (well any Dutch Cake really) but Nana's Dutch Cake is somthing I remember. Its a warm and cozy smell it brings back happy expectation. You know the feeling it involves being safe and fed. Then I remember moth balls. Napthalene Flakes is how they are sold these days because kids could mistake them as sweets. They do look like pepermints but they don't smell like them at all.

Memories light the corners of my mind

Misty water coloured memories

Of the way we were.

Gee those lines are pretty good, such a pity they've been lambasted to death by Ms. Striesand. Don't think I spelt your name right there Babs. Sorry.

I'm not sure if its the memories that make the world slow down, but something does happen when we remember. Other things slow the world down. When driving to somewhere new it takes allot longer yet when driving back again it doesn't take so much time. We've seen it all before and its not all new and we are not taking in every new scene opening up before us. Is this the same with friends and loved ones. We see them for the first time and we take in enough information to recognise them and then the next time we recognise them and it isn't a new person anymore. I'm not sure if it is. We see people every day that we don't know and do we take notice who they are. I've often said to people I didn't see you because of the crowd. So with allot of people we turn off the slow time remember thing. Yet when we see something in someone or of someone we turn on the recognition and memory software.

We need to remember where we've been (so we don't get lost and can find our way back) we also need to remember friends and other special people. Intresting. The perception increases and decreases when we need to remember information of our surroundings. Things can slow down around us and speed up depending on wether we need to remember or concentrate.

Well that covered a few topics didn't it.

Corbiscide Out