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Its the thoughts about nothing that make it really something

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The gift from the blogger.

Racing across the plain Blue with 3blogs inside are trying to find the Stranger and Brain.
"What I'm trying to say Blue is that going this fast isn't necescarily going to make the search go faster." argues 3blogs with the speeding vehicle.
'Beep Beep Beep' replies Blue
"Look if you just slow down then maybe we could look around and try to find where they could have gone." asks 3blogs.
'Beep beep Vrroom' adds blue
"I just don't understand you." shouts 3blogs. "Can you we try and work out somekind of pattern to your beeps and revving."
Screee. Blue does a full 180 degree full lock brake. The door opens.
'Beep Beeeeeep' shouts blue.
"Ok if thats how you feel." snaps 3blogs. "I'm out of here your dangerous to my sanity."
'Beeep Beeep' continues Blue.
"What are trying to do, say sorry?" asks 3blogs. "Cause I'm not getting back inside you again. You can be sure of that."
'Boooom' Thunder and lightning start above plain. In fact directly above 3blogs path a statuesque figure falls out of the sky.
'Beep Beep, Vrrom Vrooom' shouts out Blue.
Which when translated means - You idiot I stopped because that thing is going to fall right where your walking.
"I don't care anymore Blue. I'm going to find them all on my own." shouts back 3blogs unknowingly walking into a great danger.
Once again Blue realises its up to him to save the day.
'Vrrooom. Beep beep beep' and he's off as fast as he can after 3blogs.
'Ughh! that car is annoying how does the Stranger put up with him, it. Here I am humanising a car. Hang on he's not stopping. And why is it getting dark all of the sudden.' thinks 3blogs as he looks up at the figure falling right on him.

As the figure falls, Blue races towards 3Blogs. The falling object falls, Blue races. 3blogs cowers expecting the worst.
'Beep beep' trumpets Blue getting to 3blogs first. The passengers door flys open. Without thinking 3blogs leaps into the passing Blue. Safe.

'BOOOOOOM' the object hits the plain. Lightning and thunder strike it.
'Yarrrrrrrrgh!' exclaims the statuesque figure. Its arms raised to the sky. The lightning and thunder continue the rain down on the figure.

Then its quiet. The clouds dissaper. The sun starts to rise.

At the shack Epic, the Stranger, Brain and the boys stand watching the happenings.
"Cooool!" exclaim Tad, Dat and Mat.
"Your car is the greatest Stranger." says Tad.
"Yeah." agrees Dat and Mat.

"What is it?" asks the Stranger.
"Is thinks its a gift. Ands I thinks Barts gunna want it too." replies Epic.

End of Chapter 10

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog the Mad Mothers and Everything**

"Well Stranger inna begining, there was nothing. Well I'm kinda not sure, but whens I got here there was nothing but me." starts Epic.
"Nothing?" questions the Stranger.
"Well yeah. Just white. Me and white. A whole loada white." The old blog pauses for a while and puffs on his cheroot. "So much white. Alls different now."
"What happened next?" prompts the Stranger
"Well the others came. The idiot Whats Corbiscide first, he's out there" Epic points over to the rocky hills behind the town."Just asks hims-self whats Corbiscide all da time"
"I've never noticed the rocky hills before." mentions the Stranger.
"Well ya gets used ta dat." Epic takes anoter puff. "Its always bin a-changing, since HE stopped."
"Corbiscide" gueses the Stranger.
The old man takes the cheroot from his mouth and turns to look at the Stranger. His eyes are red and burning.
"Dontcha ever say that name. Your not him, and noone deserves that name buts him." Epic turns back to looking at the town. "Ya thinks ya him, buts ya not. Ya know that, dontcha?"
"I've decided to believe that I'm here in this place. That my car is here, you and all the blogs are here. And that I'm in control of what I do." answers the Stranger.
"Heh!" laughs Epic."Your a fool like 3Blogs. Ya thinks this is solid and thats ya can react to whats comes atcha." Epic stands up and lifts his arms in the air."This aint solid, it all changes." He turns to the Stranger his red burinig eyes glow."Ya seen the posts dintcha? They came from nowhere. Grews up like trees they did."
"Of course I did." replies the Stranger.
"Wells it proves ya not HIM dont it?" Epics eyes glow red in the Strangers face.
"Yes it does but it doesn't prove I'm not here does it." snaps back the Stranger.
Epic turns away."Well there's something else comming, cause HE'S been blogging again. Not just writting 'bouts you and us here. And its comming now."

The ground rummbles and the sky lights up with lightning and thunder cracks.
"How did you know this?" demands the Stranger.
"I'ms the first. I knows whats comming. And this ones a bigun." Epics old hand points to the plain beyond the river.
As the two watch, Brain Tad, Dat and Mat come running around the house.
"Wow" says Tad.
"Cool" says Mat
"Told you something was happening" snaps Dat
"Whats happening Epic?" asks Brain.
"HE's a brought another 'thing' f'r us." answers Epic.

End of Chapter 9

**Applogies to late great Douglas Adams

Thursday, June 08, 2006

What Martians want Martians get

Not quite sure as to how this is going to get into the serial, but it will somehow.
I promised that I'd do a photoshoped pic of Bizzaro J'onn J'onzz. And here it is in all its white hideous shame.

He'll never speak in the serial. I can't do the bizzaro speach pattern. Too good amn't it.