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Its the thoughts about nothing that make it really something

Monday, November 28, 2005

Entymological Musings

I suppose that one writes a blog for their own enjoyment for being able to communicate to others their ideas and thoughts. Sort of an unloading of baggage that can lift the wieght of the world from our shoulders.

An Australian term for this would be 'spilling your guts'. This means telling person(s) what you know. It is often used in the context of a police interragation. Bert was caught by the pigs and they made him spill his guts. An American term would be 'stool pigeon', an English term would be to 'grass'.

Blogs are often used by the blogger to 'spill his/her guts' to everyone. I suppose I'm not going to do that as I prefer to be anonymous. Well sort of. Those who know me know I use the name corbiscide and can easily work out who this is. So if I go on about person X who did this to me, well X will know who they are and I could be in some hot water there. So that takes allot of topics about me out of this blog limiting the scope of the content. Codswallop.

Ok lets just explain Codswallop, I'm trying not to swear too much. Now I don't swear that much at all the occasional shit, and the regulation bloody (I am Austalian and it would ne un-Australian of me not to do so). But bugger, and F@#k does come out of my mouth at times (but only on the sports field) so I'm trying to get different words to express my frustration. So I turned to Codswallop, not sure of its history or how it came about. Would like to know though. It just sounds silly and stupid like most swear words do. I mean if the words meant something different then we wouldn't be saying
"Oh shit that bastard was a real dickhead."
If shit and dickhead meant something different then would could be saying.
"Oh turnip that bastard was a real corndog"
See its the meaning of the words that makes the sentance. I suppose that most of you would have worked this out before.

This blog is turning into an entymological blog it seems.

Ok here's another one my Mum pointed out to me which I've always found intresting. How come poeple swear Jesus, but not any other deity. Really think about it, when was the last time you heard someone swear Oh Buddah. Or Oh Genesh (Genesh is the Hindu god with the head of an elephant a regular on the Simpsons). I'm not going thru other deities as I think the Buddists and the Hindus on the web when reading this would understand that I am just explaining a point here. Now why is this so. Many religions have gone around the place killing people for no reason. But I suppose thats the hipocrasy of Christianity as to the religions history (which I might get into at a later date). Yet no other deity's name is used as a swear word without a large proportion of that deities followers getting more than bit uppity. There is only two reasons for this and one offeneds Christians, the other offends everyone else who isn't.

Reson one is that Christians are complacent and passive people who wouldn't bother if we used their blessed saviours name as a profanity. In certian parts of the world I'd agree with that but not in the White House right now. Chrisitans are supposed to turn the other cheek aren't they they wont mind will they. I think you'll find they do. I do. I answer back "Where". Its cheeky and most of the time the person swearing doesn't get it. But when they do its taken as a lame joke.
"Haha good one there, idiot."

Reson two. This is a bit more serious and cuts a bit for those who don't believe but I think its true. Jesus is real and he did do the whole Passion bit the way Mel Gibson meant it. He really did die for all of us, to save us all. And all this swearing is a reaction to this truth, a denial of the reality of who Jesus is.

Heavy huh! If you think things out its interesting where you end up.

Corbiscide Out.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

blog blog blog

Well isn't this interesting. I'm 2 days in on this tour of my own future as a minute voice in the internet and I think I'm bored of all of it.

Well maybe not completly bored, but just wondering if my musings and thought posted for all to see will never get seen. I suppose all blogers wonder that. Do they?

It's kinda weird that here I am putting all of this here for the world to read and noone will. If that wasn't a big kick in the ego I'll go hee!. Poor poor me what a pity whose being a great big wuss*.

* Wuss - a baby, a sissy

So after degrading myself in print what am I going to do about it. Well I could show youse (we explained youse yesterday) my ability with words and write a quick poem for you all to be amazed and awed about. Well I'd be happy with intrested, slightly.

In the middle of the night
when all is dark and still
I once heard a swan scream
"I've gone and lost my bill"

Ok that sucked.

I still haven't found my voice here.

Corbiscide out.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

whats corbiscide

Ok, first lame post done with so now for the second one.

What or who is Corbiscide.

Firstly how does one pronounce it. Well thats simple.
Cor - as in apple core
bis - as in biscuit
cide - as in cider

so you get Core-bis-cide.

Now you know how to pronounce it, I should explain its wild and mysterious origin.

I had just begun to branch out into the world of computers and the internet when I realised I didn't have a slightly cool and or mysterious name. So I wracked my brain to find a name that was posibly cooler than I am. I tried Quiver. Quiver is a good name it has more than one meaning. It can be something you do when scared or it can be the thing that holds an archers arrows. But it just didn't stick. And I just wasn't cool enough for it as most people like me are.

Next was, well you probably don't care about what was next do youse*. So I'll just get to the inspiration for Corbiscide and what better way to do this than show you the inspiration himself.

* youse - Australian slang. Plural for You. When there is more than one you its youse

Yes the actor Corbin Bernson from LA Law, and the Major Leauge series. I got thinking that he wasn't the best actor in the world and if you wanted to kill off Corbin you'd use, yes thats right corbiscide.

Now I've put it up on the internet I'm probably going to get hate mail from all you Corbinites out there. Possibly even a cese and desist order on the name as well.

Oh well it would be intresting.

Corbiscide out.

The epic tale begins here

So begins the EPIC tale of one mans struggle to become a minute voice on the internet.

Hey I've done it whoohoo!

So I don't have to do anything else do I.

Ok so I do. I'm just slack thats all. Tenacious and slack my best and worst attributes. Wow!

Gee this is really sounding like one absolutely crap blog. I really don't think anyone is going to come back and read this. Then again people watch Bold and the Beautiful and that's got crap writing. But as I remember its got beautiful and bold people in really bad studios sets that wobbble sometimes.

Me all I've got is a wing a prayer and my own degree in verbal diarrhea.

So if spelling mistakes and poor grammer with possible Australian slang is what your after. I've got more than you'll be able to take.

Corbiscide out.