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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Post Number 5

Whew! Made it. This was exhausting. I normally post once a week. I'd better slow down before I pull a hamstring or something.

Better end it with my favourite super-gal Black Canary. Yes Black Canary. No Power-Girl for me.

C'mon who wants to be super-sized all the time.

Post Number 4

Ha! Equaled you now J'onn (if that is your real name).
Like the Space Ghost thing.
Is SG related to Birdman? Cause they have the same voice, as does Mightor. Are we seeing a line of heros from Pre-Historic to the Future.

Space Ghost and his pecs of ..... um .... ghostlyness ... um yeah.

Post Number 3

This is a pic from that scary comic Empire. It really spooked me because I thought the bad guys were going to be the Aliens or one of the others on Euchrist. But the daughter well I really didn't see it comming. It shook me up I don't know if I like it or not. As a piece of literature its rather subversive and makes you think. If any comic book should be turned into a movie this should be it. Bryan Singer to direct.

Post Number2

Hey this is the second post for today.
Here's a picture for fun.

Its supposed to be an animated gif but blogger doesn't take gifs does it.

Edited 1/6/2006
Thanks Prof X. For the hint as to how to get animated gifs working.
This is what it's supposed to look like.

Pretty cool huh!

Post Number 1

Outside the church the oval headed children wait for the choir leader to turn up.
"Musical's late AGAIN Tad" complained Dat.
"Whats new." repied Tad bored.
"I'll tell you whats new!" Shouted Mat running up to Tad and Dat."There's a Stranger in town. Did you see him take 3blogs and Brain in his blue wagon."
"No we didn't. Enty had us in detention." answered Tad
"Well you should have seen it. All our Mums were comming down the street and the Stanger was running back to his wagon with 3blogs and Brain running after him." starts Mat.
"3blogs and Brain out in the street while our Mums are driving, your lying." accuses Dat.
"No way. I'm not lying ask Jon he was there with me." retorts Mat.
"Hey Jon, Jon!" Shouts Tad. "Did you see 3blogs and Brain running after some stranger."
"Yeah that blue wagon playing chicken and then reversing down the street was so cool" replies Jon.
"Yeah it was totally Airwolf Tad. You missed out big time." adds Mat
"My Mum hates 3blogs and Brain not work." says Tad
"And Boxing Day and that girl who's always with them." says Mat.
"You mean And again Mat don't you?" corrects a lyrical voice.
"Mr My Musical Years we didn't know you were here." replies Tad
"Well now its time to stop chatting and start using your voices for singing. In you all go. Come on now." orders My Musical years.
The oval headed children start entering the church when Mat asks
"Mr Musical?"
"Yes Mat" replies Musical
"Why do our Mums hate 3blogs Brain Box and And again?" asks the oval headed child
"Its best you don't bother about that now Mat. There's nothing we can do about it." replies Musical.
"But why?" asks Mat.
"I can't answer it now Mat maybe later. C'mon we've got some singing to do."
"Its always later" sulks Mat as Musical ushers him into the church.

End of Post Number 1

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Meanwhile at the other end of town, And again and Boxing Day shelter in the church as the mad mothers 4 wheel drive stampede rolls by.
"Well we didn't get home thanks to Stanger, but we're not in all of that" coughs Box
Behind them a stately voice addresses them.
"And again, Brother its nice to see you here"
And again turns to address the priest.
"Who put the christ in christmas, how are you?"
"Theres no need for full names And again. I'm quite fine." pauses Who put "But todays day4." adds the priest in a deliberate tone.
"Gee shotput everyone but brain knows that one" snaps back Box.
"And brother as you well know day4 is when the chidren come here for choir practice." replies Who put. "The mothers will be here soon won't they?" asks And again.
The priest nods.
"Crap!" exclaims Box.
"Is what they will turn you into if they catch you two here." adds Who put.
"Can we get out the back way Who ?" asks And again.
"Yes of course you can but quickly." answers the blog priest.
And again turns to Box "We're going through the church not staying here got that."
"Hey I've got no problem" agrees Box as he starts rushing through the chruch leaving the other two behind.
"I thought he hated comming here?" says And again.
"No he hates staying here. He's used the back way many times." answers Who put."Quickly before they get here."
"You don't have to tell me twice" replies And again running after Box.
"I thought I already did" comments Who put.

End of Meanwhile

Monday, April 10, 2006

Blue to the rescue.

As the dust and noise monsters its way up the street the gas lamps shake to the convoy of the mad mothers.
'Get in and lets go' revs Blue
"Did he just talk through his engine again? asks Brain.
"At the moment I really don't want to think about that Brain" answers 3Blogs as the two blogs climb into blues modest yet roomy interior. In the drivers seat the Stranger talks softly to his rusty steed.*
"Ok blue we got to get through this without a scratch, no showboating this time OK?"
'beep beep' replies Blue.
The rusty steads wheels spin in the dirt as Blue reverses out into the street, and then stops.
"Blue I said no showboating, c'mon now this is not the time to play chicken." demands the Stranger. Blues headlights flick to high beam as his engine revs 'C'mon I dare you'. The convoy continues to hurtle down like a horizontal avalanche toward the defiant rusty blue stead.
"Blue" warns the Stranger.
'C'mon I can take 'em with two wheels tied behind my back.' revs Blue
"Stranger you didn't say that this transport had a suicidal streak." snaps 3blogs.
"Blue" warns the Stranger again
"Yeah I think we should leave" agrees Brain not work as he attempts to open the door. "Uhh the doors are locked Stranger"
Still the avalanche continues.
"Blue if there was a time to do something I'd say it was now." begs the Stranger.
Suddenly the rusty stead lurches backwards down the street.
"Ok this is good but where are we going?" shouts the Stranger.
The rusty blue steed continues backwards down the street away from the closing convoy of doom.
Then a quick hand brake turn (in reverse mind you) a change to foward gear and the rusty blue steed races out of town.
"We can stop now were past the school" says 3blogs looking out of the rear window.
Blue slows down and stops. They watch as the convoy halts suddenly outside the school, each car quickly fills one by one and turns back the way it came.
"Um just a comment." asks the Stranger
"Yes" replies 3blogs
"The reason that all the school kids have oval heads is my sub-conscious, isn't it."
"Yes there's that reason and the fact that you mentioned them recently." answers 3blogs.
"So everything I mention on this blog will end up in here?" guesses the Stranger
"It will make its way here." replies 3blogs "But like us it wont be exactly the way you wrote it."

End of Chapter 5

*yes I realise that I have been spelling steed stead. sorry

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mad Mother's

" you see, its all quite self explanitory why your imagination has set this situation as a western." finished 3blogs.
"Did anyone else get that cause I sure didn't?" sarcasticly responds box.
"Well I did and I'm sure Stranger did to. Didn't you Stranger?" replies and again.
"Well..." starts the Stranger "I thought I did for a while. But when you started about the id, the ego and the super-ego I kinda lost it 3blogs"
"I didn't get any of it. But if there is a super-ego does he wear a cape 3blogs" adds brain not work.
"hah!" responds box.
The clock in the saloon strikes 0730 blogtime. (blogtime has 25 hours. Why? Well I made it up so there's going to be 25 hours)

"You all better be going on and take the Stranger with you." orders Louie.
"Yeah we don't want to be taken by Mad Mothers." agrees box. "C'mon Stranger time to go."

As the sun goes down the 4 blogs lead The Stranger out of the saloon and into the street.
"Why is it sunset and 7:30 in the morning?" asks Stranger.
"We haven't time to explain this now" answers 3blogs.
"Yeah." adds brain "We don't want to be out. When the Mothers are about. Because they scream and shout, they'll chew this suckers out"
Box groans.
"What.." starts The Stranger. But he's quickly cut off by And again.
"We really don't have the time Stranger please quickly."

They continue up the main street leaving the saloon far behind. When the Stranger remembers.
"Blue." He stops and starts going back to the saloon.
"Brain grab him." shouts 3blogs.
Brian clasps his surprisingly strong hands around around the strangers torso. And starts to drag him back.
"You don't want to be out." brain tells the Stanger.
"Blue I can't forget Blue." says the Stranger as he tries to struggle out of brains grip.
"He's holding us back let him go or we're all going to be dead, or worse." shouts box.
Brain complies with box's order and the Stranger starts running back to the saloon.
"What do we do now 3blogs?" asks and again.
"Well I know what I'm going to do. I'm getting inside." answers box running up the street.
"And again go with box you'll be safe with him." orders 3blogs.
"But.." retorts And again.
"No go with box. Brain you and I better see what we can do to save the Stanger."
"But the Mothers 3blogs." asks brain.
"We can hide in the saloon if we can get there in time." replies 3blogs.

The two blogs start running after The Stranger, while And again turns and follows the dissapearing box up the street.

The Stranger arrives outside the bar. He gets to his rusty blue stead (where Stranger had tied him up in chapter one hiatus shmatus - the stanger on a blue stead.
"Hey Blue how are you doing." asks Stranger. The Blue stead revs its engine grumply.
"I'm sorry but the blogs they got me going away without you. But I'm back now, do you forgive me?" asks Stranger
"beep beep" responds Blue.
"Thanks." says Stranger as he unties Blue.
"Stranger." says 3blogs as he and brain arrive.
"Is this yours?" asks blue.
"Yes." replies Stranger.
"We must get in the saloon and ask Louie to hide us before the..." trails off 3blogs.
"This transport is yours?" asks 3blogs.
"Yes" the Stranger answers."This is Blue. Couldn't leave you behind could I Blue?"
Blue revs 'of course you couldn't.'

The two blogs look at each other. The town hall clock strikes 0745 and the sun sets. The street lamps flame into existance. In the distance the sound of engines grows.
"Can your transport carry us?" asks 3blogs.
"Of course Blue can."
"Is Blue fast?" asks brain.
"Of course."
"Then we've got a chance we could survive them." says 3blogs.
"Survive who?" asks Stranger.
"Them" points Brain towards the top of the street at a ball of dust and noise entering town.
A siren sounds 'werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr'
"What was that." asks Stranger.
"Schools out." answers 3blogs. "Here comes the Mad Mothers."

The dust and noise grows louder and larger. In it Stranger and the blogs can just make out the shilouette of 4-wheel drive wagons and vans, the elephants of the urban jungle. And the stampeded had begun.

End of Chapter 4

Saturday, April 01, 2006

The cast of characters so far

So you don't get confused here is the list of characters who have appeared in the western serial which has no name. A name would be good all ideas will be accepted and possibly rejected.

The Stranger - a slighlty better looking version of me, also a better thinker, speaker and drinker.

Louie - the bartender thats about all I've worked out about him. Except that he likes radiohead on his pianola.

Black Bart - tall unshaven arrogant man in black. The electronic entity attempting to take over this blog

And again I continue with the blog about nothing. - usually called And again. Caring, thoughtful, straightforward.

Blog Blog Blog - called 3blogs. Intelligent, calm. Level-headed. A plan person.

Brain not work - called Brain. Has a brain but is not overly intelligent. Honest, trusting loyal.

Boxing day - called Box. Sarcastic, caustic, loud, pessimistic.

Well that's the roll call at the moment. More new charcters comming. Maybe some oval headed kids.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

We interupt this Western drama with a football game.

Not just any football Australian Rules Football.

Played with an oval ball, on an oval field, while oval headed chilldren dream of playing this unique game when they get old enough.

**** Hypocrasy Alert ****

I don't play Aussie Rules (pronounced Oh-zee Roolz) I play the world game. Football, Soccer, Wog ball and any other assortment of homophobic allusions you can think of. I like soccer but it just is not a spectacle as Aussie Rules.

**** End of Hypocrasy****

As for the oval headed children I really don't know about them but it seamed to fit. I hope they do exist but maybe they only exist in my imagination which means they could happen to appear sometime later on this very blog. If you want to hear more about the oval heads then by all means comment "yes I'd like to seee more oval heads, please". Remember to add plaese or it just wont happen.

Back to the football It is one of the oldest forms of organised football in the world (check the date of the establishment of the Melbourne Football club)

"1838 Formation of the Melbourne Cricket Club"

Now try to beat that.

Next time more western serial I promise (and maybe some oval headed children)